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We don't just make Hand-Hygiene easy to Teach. We make it Fun.




CheckPoint Lamp illuminating hands covered in UV GERM Lotion


CheckPoint Lamp illuminating hands that have not been washed properly.


CheckPoint Lamp illuminating hands that have not been washed properly.


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Hand-Washing and Surface-Hygiene Training 




A 5 minute Introduction and Demonstration of UV GERM Training Lotion and the CheckPoint Lamp in Action.





WASH & GLOW Hand Wash Mini-Training Kits from just £34.99


Hand Wash Mini Training Kit

Surface Hygiene Inspector Cross Contamination Training Kit NHS Hand Wash Training Kit Infection Control Professional Kit
Mini-Training Kit Hygiene Inspector Cross Contamination CheckPoint Trainer Professional Kit



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UV GERM Range includes Hand Wash Training Lotion and Fluid. Contamination Training Spray, Gel, Markers and Powder



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A New range of Surface Hygiene Monitoring & Compliance Tools designed to safely and hygienically check surfaces are being cleaned in accordance with directives. A non-toxic, invisible alcohol-based coating which only becomes visible under Ultraviolet light, is simply marked or sprayed or smeared on to the surface to be tested. 

These discreet invisible marks are easily removed through normal cleaning (even a damp cloth) so if traces still remain after cleaning, it would indicate that the surface has not been cleaned effectively. 

  Hygiene Testing & Monitoring

WASH & GLOW UV Audir Range of Surface Hygiene Inspection and Monitoring Tools

UV AUDIT Range Includes: Invisible, Non-Permanent, Non-Toxic Surface Marking Sprays, Markers, Inks and Gels.



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Hand hygiene is arguably our most important life skill. So teach it well and teach it often.





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