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Because hand hygiene matters





A 5 minute Demonstration of UV GERM Training Lotion and the Checkpoint Lamp in Action.









Step 1

Apply a small amount of UV GERM Training Lotion on to the hands and rub together to ensure the lotion covers all of the hands and wrists.



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Step 2

Place hands under the Checkpoint UV Lamp to ensure hands and wrists are completely covered.

Step 3

Now wash hands as you would do normally.

(prior to any training being given)



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Step 4

Having wash and dried hands, place them once again under the Checkpoint UV Lamp.

What do you see?

Not quite as clean as you thought?

Step 5

Now provide training in the proper HY-5 method of hand washing, and repeat the process as often as necessary, until there are no more UV GERM particles or traces showing under the lamp.






The above steps clearly identify how difficult it is to eliminate today’s germs with ordinary hand washing, and clearly helps demonstrate the need for training using more effective hand washing techniques such as our HY-5 Hand Wash Method.



HY-5 HD Training Video


A handy USB Memory Stick containing your own licensed copy of our Pre-training primer Video, which will provide trainees with a short overview of the hand-wash training process they are about to undertake as well explaining the different techniques used in hand washing and how much of a real difference proper hand-washing makes to everyday hygiene.

Simply plug-in to your PC, Laptop or High-Definition TV and play to attendees before training. This new HD Video will briefly introduce the need for hand-wash training; the principle behind the HY-5 Method together with the full training process, step-by-step. 

When the video has finished, implement the training process as shown in the video and the trainees will be primed and looking forward to having-a-go themselves.

Film run time:  Approximately 6 minutes. English narration

HI-5 Hand wash training method training film

With HY-5 you can deliver professional standard in-house hygiene training at a fraction of the cost.






UV GERM Hand-Rub Training Lotion

Of course the same is true for the application of Sanitizing Hand-Rub. If the hands are not completely covered, then the exercise may be pointless.

Using the WASH & GLOW System  in reverse i.e. Teaching how to achieve total coverage of the hands (with UV GERM Training Lotion acting as a visible alternative hand-rub) you can help ensure effective all-round hand-hygiene.







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